January 3, 2014

Notes from an Organizer

My organization thoughts may come to you in the same way that they come to me...in short, sweet bursts at just the right time. Here are a few of my most recent organizer notes, to tide you over until the next one comes along!

 Notes from an organizer: If you're planning to do any de-cluttering/cleaning/organizing this weekend, go ahead & purchase the supplies for a hearty crock-pot meal so that dinner will be waiting for you after a long day's work!

 Notes from a Mom: I'm not big on keeping things that most people throw away, but these little silver lids are an exception. They come inside the Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll tubes and serve as the lid to the frosting. The last time I got ready to throw them away, a thought popped into my head: Barbie trays. Julia-Kate loves them and they're sturdy and just the right size!

 Notes from an Organizer: if your kids have memory work for school, church, or just something you want them to learn, drop it into a ziploc bag & use painter's tape to secure it to the shower wall. It will stay until you're ready to remove it, but leaves no residue! We've done this for years! The memorization gets done and my kids are a little cleaner too!

 Notes from an organized mom: when raising young men, take advantage of gift-giving opportunities. Give tools, not toys. At an early age, we gave our boys tool boxes with screwdrivers, mini flashlights, pliers, etc. I look for sales on power tools like small drill/screwdriver combos, etc.  It's empowering to a young man to hear a lady ask for help and for him to know that he has the right tools for the job.

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