About Me.

I'm a Christian, and I feel that every day I'm learning more of what that really means. I'm a Texan and at my core, I believe that the phrase "Cowgirl Up" is branded somewhere within me. I've lived in GA since I was 6, and it's the place I call home. I'm a wife of 17  years to a man who writes songs that really mean something. I'm a mother and home school teacher to the 6 most amazing children  I've ever known, who are the light of my life. I'm also a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law and an aunt...and even a soon-to-be mother-in-law! I believe in living at the speed of love. I'm a woman of strong faith and I'm not afraid to really ask big and have great expectations...and I'm not surprised when those prayers get answered. It's not that I've always lived a charmed life. But I've always lived a "Good Life". A life where even in the midst of utter devastation, my roots were deep enough in my faith to know that I was not experiencing "The End". When God did His incredible creating of our world, He called it "Good". He also created my world and gave me life, so join me in my journeys, my experiences, my failures and my challenges as I'm "Living the Good Life", because, ultimately, I believe that you can live the good life too.