June 6, 2008

Birthday Planning

Where do the stories come from? Eli has such a vivid imagination, and he's ALL BOY!!! I love to sit and listen while he tells me stories that I'm convinced he believes, even if he just made them up. Anyhow, last month he began making serious plans for how his 5th birthday (June 2nd) should be properly celebrated.
So here's the breakdown:
Eli: Mom, for my birthday, I want to go to Stone Mountain again, like we did last year.
Mom: Ok.
Eli: And, I want to take my baseball and my T-ball set and I want everyone to sit on the grass on the hill and watch me hit baseballs.
Mom: Ok.
Eli: And, I want a pinata.
Mom: Ok.
Eli: And, I want you and everybody else to stay on the grass at the bottom of the mountain, while I ride that big box thing up to the top of the mountain and tie the pinata to a tree up there and then I'll hit it and break it and all of you can catch the candy. And make sure you fill it up with a LOT of candy.
Mom: Um...ok.
Eli: Oh, and, can we have cupcakes?
Mom: Yes.
Eli: Ok, but don't put any frosting on them. Just bring the frosting with you so that everybody can decorate their own, the way that they like it.
Mom: Oh. Ok.
Eli: Oh yeah, and I want beer to drink.
Mom: What?
Eli: I want to drink beer at my party.
Mom: Oh, that's interesting. What makes you want to have beer at your party?
Eli: Well, Joey (imaginary friend) keeps telling me to drink it and I told him I wasn't going to, but he told me I have to, so I have to.
Mom: Oh, well, as it turns out, beer isn't actually very good for you.
Eli: Oh. Well, hmmm, I guess we'll just have root beer then.
Mom: Oh, well, ok. That's a good idea.

You know, when God made Eli, I'm pretty sure He broke the mold. I love that kid.


Belle said...

I got a good laugh with the wanting beer for his party since the imaginary friend said to try it!! LOL

Angela Newton said...

It's so sad that peer pressure has entered the imaginary community. (laughing hysterically!)